Are you having a difficult time finding the right candidate? Do you spend hours going through resumes that 90% do not match what you posted?

Let HRPR save you time and save you money. What we do:

  • we review the job description and speak with hiring/department managers to find what key aspects are needed and why other employees have failed or been successful
  • take the burden of resume screening from job postings and resume search databases to find candidates
  • conduct pre-screening interviews specific to the position needs to find qualified candidates
  • conduct reference checks specific to the job and specifications provided
  • candidates who are qualified and interested in the position will have resumes, references, and interview summaries passed along to you for review
  • only the top selected candidates will then be scheduled for interviews with your company

You can then select the right candidate for your company and we will guarantee them.*

You save time, you save money, you get a great new employee.

Contact us at 614-565-8073 or for more information.


*Full guarantee terms are available in the HRPR Direct Hire Agreement.